Brooke Eyler

“Voices are versatile. Voices are powerful. [Voices can] abuse and scar.” Brooke Eyler had learned from experience that life can be hard. And then, in the fourth grade, she realized that her own voice “was causing people joy.” She was playing the dormouse in Alice in Wonderland, and even “The Great Mouse Pant Crisis of 2010” (the pants were never found) could not stop her. “I found my voice in the theatre,” says Brooke. “Through the use of my words, my voice, I [came to understand that] I can overcome any adversity and [can] motivate others to do the same.” Her recommenders agree: “This young lady is a stellar performer,” says one. “Her talents are phenomenal. [She is also] trustworthy, kind and insightful.” Says another, “I believe unequivocally that she has all of the tools needed to enjoy a career in the arts. Her talent belies her age.” While earning a 3.5 GPA at Rancho Buena Vista High School, Brooke was a camp counselor, a youth choreographer, an International Thespian Society member, and managed to perfect a “blood curdling scream.” She also acted in 14+ plays, performed as a soloist at multiple live performances, and won numerous thespian awards, from CETA, M.A.C.Y, Broadway San Diego Musical Theatre Awards and CA State International Thespian Festival Awards. She will be attending Hofstra University in New York where she will major in Musical Theater and eventually join James Caan, Francis Ford Coppola and Christopher Walken as a future alumnus. She’s already gone to a couple professional calls: one for Wicked and one for Mean Girls. “And they weren’t mean!” she says. Brooke intends to become a professional actor and, eventually, to teach theater.

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