Bianca Dortch: Graphic Artist

“ What I have emphasized most [in my art] is the exploration of one’s self through inhuman character design,” writes  Bianca Dortch. “Most of my personal creations have been monsters and aliens.”  The sole artist in her family and the first person to attend college, Bianca is reserved, soft-spoken and succinct as she answers our Committee’s questions. She uses single words where others might use sentences; single sentences where others might pile on paragraphs. When she thaws –just a bit— as the minutes tick by, her smile lights up the room. “Most everyone knows of Bianca’s artistic ambitions, abilities, and kindness,” said one recommender.  Over the years Bianca has created over sixty characters and supplied them with stories and a world.  Says the recommender, “Much of her work is focused on telling a story about where she is from, and all that she has experienced.”   For Bianca, “becoming an animator has always been [my plan, but,] as someone who is a low-income student…experimenting with the various forms of [digital art] has been difficult .”  Make that, expensive; but she managed: enrolling, first, at a creative arts middle school, and then at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts where she earned a 3.29 GPA,  was President of the Art Club, Vice President of the K-POP club, designed for the Academic League, curated  for various school events, and received a special art commendation from San Diego Councilmember Christopher Ward.  Says another recommender, “Bianca is truly a stand-out leader who will impress everyone she meets. [She is] talented, caring, intuitive [and possesses a] passion for drawing, painting, and creative expression – both in and out of the classroom.”   This fall Bianca will head to Laguna College of Design where she will major in Animation. She’d like to be part of a studio one day.  “As long as I can find myself with pen and paper in hand, [I can] look forward to a better and brighter future.”

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